Hi I’m Natalie originally a Lancashire lass but now happily settled in Yorkshire. I’m a part time Social Worker, mum of two boys (a toddler and a baby), owner and sole employee at Little Magpies.

I’m passionate about travel and since meeting my husband 16 years ago we have travelled all over the world together. Since having children our travel ambitions have changed but we still enjoy exploring new places. Travelling with our children has been more fun than we ever imagined. Increasingly we’re enjoying exploring the UK visiting our beautiful coastline and countryside.

Just before we got married six years ago we bought a victorian terraced house in Leeds which is still unfinished and is in a constant state of decorating flux. Gone are the days when the weekends were about nights out and hangovers. Our Saturday evenings are now spent watching match of the day (him) and flicking through interiors magazines (me). One day the house will be just how we want it…….and then we’ll probably move!

This blog is mostly me documenting my random thoughts on being a mother, being a woman, running a business, written by a mum for mums (and anyone else who’ll read it!). I’m no expert by the way. Like everyone else i’m winging it and hoping for the best 🙂