Baba & Boo Review

I’ve become a big fan of reusable nappies since baby number two arrived and while initially I thought I’d invest in my stash and save lots of money the reality is that I’ve been lured by funky prints and the huge variety of brands to try. I’ve never tried Baba & Boo nappies so I was pleased to be offered one to review.

How does it work?

Baba and Boo make pocket nappies with popper fastenings. The nappy comprises of a PUL waterproof shell which has a pocket to stuff with microfibre inserts. The nappy comes with two inserts and you can use one or both depending how much absorbency you need. You don’t need a liner with these nappies as the have a stay dry layer but I prefer to sue one as it catches poo and prevents staining on the nappy.


Ease of use.

These nappies are easy to use one they are put together. The absorbent inserts sit inside the waterproof shell. The nappy fastens with poppers which we have generally found harder to get a good fit with as our boy always seemed to be between sizes on the nappy. We didn’t have a problem with this brand though and were able to get a good snug fit around the waist and legs. I must admit that my husband is not a fan of nappies with popper fastenings so he tends to avoid them in the nappy drawer!


 Absorbency & Fit.

We used the nappy with one insert and with both to test the absorbency. One insert lasted around 2 hours and with both it lasted 3+ hours. We change the boys nappy roughly every three hours unless theres a code brown situation in-between.  He is quite a heavy wetter as he’s six months so is drinking lots of milk and only just starting weaning. We used this nappy on the smallest rise. It’s hard to say how the nappy would fit on a smaller baby because it’s often dependent on shape but I would say that this would not have fitted our baby from birth as I don’t think we would have got a snug fit around his skinny legs. With one insert the nappy is very slim. With two it is a little bulkier but no more so than the two brands we usually use. The best thing about the nappies is the drying time. Microfibre is quick drying and because they are a pocket style the inserts and shell separate and dry super quick compared with AIO’s and bamboo nappies.

Appearance & Quality

The print we were given is an underwater theme and is gorgeous. What I love about Baba & Boo is that the prints are unisex and many have a matching wet bag and clothing for mums who like to buy accessories to match their nappies.  The nappy feels slim and light and the fabric looks and feels good quality. The great thing about popper fastenings are they they wont degrade or look shabby over time which is a risk with velcro fastenings. I’ve also been told by friends that babies often reach an age where they can undo velcro. This would be an issue for us since almost all the nappies we have are velcro fastenings.  If I was looking to replace some of my stash with popper fastenings then Baba & Boo would be a great option especially because of the reasonable price.

IMG_1694 (1).jpg    img_1696

Any issues?

We had a small leak when the baby was sleeping in the Tula. This could have been because the nappy was new and had only been washed a couple of times.  Or it may have been compression related which I have found can happen with microfibre when the nappy is compressed. Subsequently if used at nap time (when my boy seems to do really big wees) I have used a charcoal booster and had no problems.

I am trying to resist buying more nappies as we have a good stash however, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy more of these nappies should we need to replace some of our velcro nappies at a later stage. They retail at £12.95 and are cheaper if bought in a bundle. This is incredibly good value and significantly cheaper than many reusables. The price makes them a really good option if you need a few nappies to top up your stash over winter when nappies take longer to dry and for parents who want to try reusable nappies without a huge outlay.

About the brand.

Baba & Boo was founded by Eve who is a mum of two and started using cloth nappies to save money. After her second child was born she decided not to return to work due to high childcare costs and launched her business designing cloth nappies and baby wear. Eve is passionate about reusable nappies and wants to ‘get babies bums in cloth nappies’. Eve and there Baba & Boo team welcome enquiries and feedback from mums and have a lovely community of mums on their social media pages.


*This is not a sponsored post. This nappy was given to me free of charge to review. Baba & Boo had no input into the review and all opinions in this review are my own *


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