Tickle Tots Review

We’ve been using cloth nappies full time since the baby was about two weeks old. During the last six months we’ve become complete converts and have tried many brands. Functionality is my main priority when choosing a nappy but I admit I’m also partial to a pretty print! I was therefore very excited to be offered the chance to trial Tickle Tots All in Two nappy in a brand new Busy Bee’s print.

How does it work?

Tickle Tots 2’s are an ‘All in Two’ birth to potty nappy. This means that the nappy can be adjusted around the waist and the rise to fit from around 8lbs until potty training. The nappy has a waterproof outer shell made from two layers of PUL and two boosters made from layers of bamboo and fleece which snap into the shell with poppers. The boosters can be used separately or together depending on the absorbency needed. If the nappy is wet and not soiled you can just change the booster and reuse the wrap. You can use each shell twice before washing  making this a cost effective nappy system if you’re on a budget.

Ease of use.

This nappy is very simple to use. The absorbent inserts snap into the shell and you can’t really get it wrong. The Velcro fastening makes it as easy as a disposable to put on.

 Absorbency & Fit.

Tickle Tots nappies are super absorbent. We change our baby’s nappy after every feed, so roughly every three hours. He is quite a heavy wetter and at six months (not weaned yet) he’s probably drinking more milk than he ever will so he pees a LOT.  I used both boosters and after three hours the inserts were not soaked and easily would have lasted much longer. We did have a giant poo in this nappy with no leaks. The legs have a double gusset and it was easy to get a snug fit around my baby slip thighs.

Tickle Tots are the slimmest nappies we’ve used. While we were trying one I put my son in a pair of dungarees he’d not worn before. When I changed the nappy and put on another brand (which is the slimmest fit nappy we use) the dungarees were suddenly popping open on the crotch and looked too small. When I held the baby in these nappies it almost felt like he had a disposable on the bum. The elastic around the legs is strong and the nappy rise poppers down quite small so I would imagine these could be used on a newborn too (our boy was 9lb 11oz so we used birth to potty nappies from the start).

Appearance & Quality

The new print is gorgeous and best of all, as all the Tickle Tots nappies, its unisex. The nappy feels slim and light without being flimsy and the inner and outer fabric looks and feels good quality. The hook and loop tabs are very sticky and stay closed when they are being washed so they don’t snag nappies in the washing machine.

Any issues?

The only issue I can think of is the drying time. I dried the nappy on an inside line and it took 36 hours. However bearing in mind that it is winter and has been a cold wet couple of weeks in Leeds it’s not bad. Considering the absorbency of the nappy  this length of time to dry is to be expected. The fact that the inserts separate from the shell and each other makes this Tickle Tots nappy faster drying than the bamboo All In One nappies we have.

We loved this nappy and although I don’t really *need* any more nappies I’m be tempted to add a couple more to my stash!

About the brand.

Tickle Tots was founded by Sophia a mum of two who used cloth nappies with her own children. It’s a family run company based in the UK. In recognition of the environmental impact of having the nappies made abroad Tickle Tots plant a U.K. native tree for every 1000 nappies sold.

*This is not a sponsored post and all opinions in this review are my own. While I did not pay for the nappy I was given it to try as part of a product swap (with my company Little Magpies).*


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